Kenya: Mahamri, Coconut and Cardamom Doughnuts

Servings: 12   Prep time: 20 mins   Cook time: 20 mins

3 cups of flour
4 tbsp raw sugar
4 green cardamom pods
1 sachet yeast activated in a little warm water
2 tbsp Olivado Macadamia oil
1 cup coconut milk
3 cups Olivado high heat oil to deep fry

Place cardamom seeds on flat surface, sprinkle ½ sugar over the seeds and roll sugar and cardamom together with a rolling pin until fragrant.

In a mixing bowl add flour, sugar and cardamom mix. Add the yeast and oil. Slowly add coconut milk, as you knead into a dough. Set aside covered in a warm place for 10 minutes.

Knead dough for a further 10 minutes until soft and bouncy.

Using a knife cut 4 equal balls. Sprinkle flour on a clean surface, using a rolling pin roll each ball of dough into a 20cm disc shape and about ½ cm thick. Cut into quarters.

Heat vegetable oil in a deep pot or frying pan to 160/180 degrees. Test your oil by gently dropping a small piece of dough into the oil. When the dough rises to the surface after a few seconds, your oil is ready. Gently add the dough into the oil.

Cook two Mahamri’s at a time. Using your spoon, splash oil over the Mahamri to help them puff up.

Cook until golden brown both sides.

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