WA: Beef Carpaccio

Beef preparation & rub: cooking time 15-20 mins, 10 serves+
Allow a day ahead of time for freezing
4tbs coriander seed
4tbs cumin seeds
4tbs smoked paprika
1tbs chilli flake
100g confit garlic
2tbs peppercorns
400g grapeseed oil
taste salt

1: Trim beef of fat, sinue & chain. Cut into 4 logs
2: Toast from cold cumin, coriander, chilli, peppercorn & paprika until aromatic.Grind in thermomix until a fine powder, add garlic & oil, blend until combined.
3: Roll beef in marinade, seal all sides on flattop & allow to slightly cool on cooling rack.
4: roll beef tightly in clingwrap & freeze ready to use. Slice from frozen.

Soy pearls
500g good soy sauce
500g water
14g agar agar
1lt grapeseed oil
2lt grapeseed oil frozen

1: In thermomix blend on medium speed with temp set to 105degrees. One boiling continue to boil for 3 minutes to activate the agar.
2: over an ice bath have ready 1 lt grapeseed oil, 1 fine tipped squeezy bottle & a funnel,pour soy agar into bottle & pour out in fine slow stream into the grapeseed oil. Small pearls should form as the mix sinks to the bottom of the oil.
3: Strain pearls off & transfer into sealed container.

Wasabi cream
800g thickened cream
1 tube wasabi cream

1: Whip cream & wasabi to firm peak transfer to 2 piping bags

Other ingredients required
Fried garlic chips
Good olive oil
Baby salad leaves or micro herb mix
Flaked black lava salt

Slice 10-12 thin slices of the beef (it is easier while slightly frozen still), arrange on a shallow bowl plate bunching each peace so it stands up slightly, pipe small peaks of the wasabi cream in the gaps between the beef roughly again 10-12 peaks. With a teaspoon and the end of your finger scatter one heaped spoon of soy pearls around the plate evenly, then again scatter a good covering of baby leaves on top of the beef. Season the dish with fried garlic, salt & a good lug of olive oil.

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