WA: Geraldton Wax Cured Ocean Trout

Cured trout:  10-12 portions Cooking time 15-20 mins
Allow 4 days ahead of time for curing and dry the trout

1 side ocean trout skin on pin  boned
750g castor sugar
375g table salt
50g Geraldton wax leaves

1: Blend table salt with Geraldton wax leaves until a fine powder is formed, combine salt mix with castor sugar. In a tray big enough to fit the side of trout spread a thin(1cm) layer of the salt mix slightly larger than the size of the fillet, place the fillet skin side down onto to salt mix and with the remaining mix pack evenly all over the trout, wrap tray & leave in the fridge for 3 days.

2: After three days rinse trout off, pat dry and wrap in chux cloth, return tout to the fridge for a further day to dry out, once trout has dried out it can be sliced thinly and eaten. 

Lemon aspen gel
250g lemon aspen
100g water
25g castor sugar
20g gellan gum
30g grapeseed oil
2g xanthan gum
3g salt

1: In the thermomix blend water and lemon aspen until a thin puree is formed, strain puree through the finest sieve you have.
Return the puree to rinsed out thermomix bowl and add castor sugar and gellan, prepare an ice bath with a larger and smaller bowl ready to cool down puree quickly. Heat mix to 100 degrees, allow to sit at this temp for 3 minutes before pouring into the ice bath, stir the puree constantly until it turns brittle.

2: Place set puree into a stand-up blender, add the salt and xanthan then blend on high until smooth, once smooth slowly pour in the grapeseed oil. Once again pass through a fine strainer.

Rice puffs
6 rice papers
1lt  canola oil

1: In a large deep frypan heat canola oil to 190 degrees, lay rice paper into the oil, it will start to puff up straight away hold it under the oil with tongs until entire paper has puffed up (no longer that 5 seconds) then drain on paper towel. Use within 5 minutes otherwise puff may go soft.

Other ingredients required
Watermelon radish finely shaved into rounds
black garlic salt (blitzed together 50/50 of fried garlic and black salt)
baby salad leaves or micro salad
trout floss (offcuts of the cured trout that have been further dried in a dehydrator and the blitzed into a floss)

Slice 12-15 thin slices of cured trout and arrange on top of a rice puff, dot the lemon aspen gel sparingly around the puff and on top of the trout slices, stand shaved watermelon radish against the trout, follow by scattering baby leaves over entire rice puff and seasoning with the trout floss and a fine sprinkle of black garlic salt.

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