Wild Kingfish, Rolled Silverbeet & Preserved Lemon

Serves: 4

4x 190g portion cut Wild Kingfish fillets, skin on
2 bunch silverbeet
200ml clarified butter
1 whole preserved lemon (store bought is fine)
2 bunch chives
Juice of 1 lemon
Sea Salt Flakes for seasoning
Freshly Cracked Black Peppercorns
100ml Extra Virgin Olivado Olive Oil
Start by stripping the leaves off the stem of the silverbeet, set aside.
To cut preserved lemon, use a sharp knife to cut the thin white pith off the lemon rind.
Discard the pith or save for another use and finely Alice the tender rind and set aside for final garnish.
Finely cut chives using a very sharp knife.
Check that the skin of the Wild Kingfish is very dry by patting with a square of paper towel.
Heat approx 80ml of clarified butter in a small cast iron skillet till a light haze goes over the pan. This will indicate that the pan is hot enough to place the fish skin side down into the pan.
Be careful when adding fillet to pan as hot fat may splash up your hand if you don’t place the fish away from you in the pan.
Place a small weight/saucepan atop of the fillet of Kingfish to ensure even crispness/colour/temperature.
Cool on the direct medium high heat for approx 2mins or skin is evenly golden.
Remove saucepan from the fish and transfer to a preheated 200 degrees Celsius oven where the fish will set for approx 2-3mins depending on thickness of the fillet.
Remove from the oven, drain hot fat from the pan and proceed to flip the fillet of Kingfish over to the flesh side then remove onto cutting board where it will rest.
Using the same hot pan that was used for fish ladle another approx 80ml of clarified butter into pan and pile on a generous handful of silverbeet leaves. Season lightly then place heavy saucepan/weight on top and cook under edges are toasty and golden and the centre has almost steamed and wilted, approx 2mins.
Slide the spinach off the on and onto a clean surface.
Season again lightly and squeeze a little fresh lemon over spinach along with black pepper.
Roll spinach up into a tight cigar and finish the top of the roll with chives & preserved lemon.
Using a sharp knife cut the Kingfish in half down the length of the fillet and then position the two pieces along side spinach roll.
Lightly dress the cut side of the fish and spinach with good quality extra virgin olive oil and be sure fish is seasoned with a little sea salt flakes.
Serve the fish medium rare otherwise a fish like Kingfish will dry out and become horribly chalky and soft.
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