QLD: Crab Salad

Serves: 2     Cooking time: 25 minutesIngredients
1 mud crab, whole
300g green pawpaw
10g coriander bunch, root for dressing, pick leaves for salad
1 red chilli, long
20g garlic peeled, flash fried
20g ginger, fresh, flash fried
40g shallots, flash fried
10g shrimp paste
1 lime, juice
15ml fish sauce
30g palm sugar, light
1 young coconut, flesh julienned
1 ruby grapefruit, segments

To cut the crab, make sure it has been in the freezer for at least 1.5 hours if freshly caught and dispatch by slicing between the eyes. Rip the shell from the back and remove the guts. Using the back of the knife, break the claws and slice the crab into four quarters.

In a hot wok, add the broken and cleaned crab and cook until meat is opaque (around 6 mins for a 1kg muddy).

Thinly slice garlic, ginger, shallots on mandolin and flash fry. Put on paper towel to dry.

In a pestle and mortar make a spice paste from the flash fried ingredients, including coriander root, chilli and shrimp paste. When the paste reaches consistency, season with lime juice palm sugar and fish sauce.

For the salad, julienne the pawpaw and the young coconut. Pick the coriander leaves and segment the grapefruit.

Pick the crab meat (if for 4 take meat from claws too, if 2 then reserve claws for garnish) mix all ingredients just before serving.

Tip: Best served with a great Northern stubbie!

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