QLD: Local Heart of Palm Salad

Serves: 1      Recipe creator: Nick Holloway

8gm ginger miso caramel
30gm pineapple granita
50gm heart of palm, shaved into ribbons
8gm cucumber, brunoise – no skin
10gm daikon pickle
2gm dried daikon
5 garlic crisps
½ egg, soft boiled
2gm honey & crispy rice
1 pinch hibiscus flowers
ginger miso caramel
100gm ginger, grated finely
250gm caster sugar
1gm white vinegar
2gm healthy boy brand thin soy sauce
300gm mirin – reduced to 100gm
300gm white miso paste
100gm sesame seeds, roasted & crushed
100gm Korean chilli paste (gochujang)

Heat the caster sugar in a heavy skillet to achieve a dark caramel and then remove from the heat and add the ginger, its juice, vinegar and thin soy.

Next add the reduced mirin, white miso paste, crushed sesame seeds and Korean chilli paste.

Continue to stir off the heat until cool. Store refrigerated indefinitely.

Pineapple Granita
1 pineapple
1gm citric acid

Juice the pineapple and skim off any accumulated foam or froth from the top of the juice and stir in the citric acid.

Freeze until solid and then crush into a grainy icy consistency (ice crusher is best).

Daikon Pickle
100gm water
100gm white vinegar
50gm caster sugar
1gm salt
1 garlic clove, thinly sliced longways
200gm daikon, sliced thinly into rounds

Bring the water, vinegar, sugar and salt to the boil and then leave to cool completely.

Vacuum pack the daikon, garlic and pickling solution on full vacuum to compress.

Dried Daikon
1 daikon

Peel and julienne the daikon into long threads and dehydrate overnight in a dehydrator.

Garlic crisps
vegetable oil

Slice the garlic longways into very thin slices.

Gently fry in the vegetable oil over a medium heat until pale yellow and resembling corn flakes. Remove the crisps from the oil & scatter on paper towel to drain.

Honey & crispy rice
150gm white glutinous rice
vegetable oil for frying
72gm honey
132gm brown sugar
50gm butter
2gm bi carb
2gm salt
80gm white sesame seeds, roasted and crushed
80gm black sesame seeds, roasted and crushed
1sheet nori, toasted and ground

Boil the rice until cooked and then strain and wash the rice in cold water to remove the excess starch. Spread the rice in a thin layer of a dehydrator and leave to dry overnight.

Puff the rice in hot oil and then drain on paper towel.

Make a caramel with the honey, sugar, butter and salt and then whisk in the bicarb.

Spread the rice on silicon paper on a baking sheet and pour over the aerated caramel.

Cook in the oven at 110C for 15minutes, stirring regularly to separate the grains then allow to cool.

Use a mortar and pestle to lightly break apart the crunchy rice and stir in the sesame seeds and nori. Store in an airtight container until required.

In a frozen (or deeply chilled) bowl place the ginger miso caramel and then cover it with the shaved heart of palm and the pineapple granita. Top the granita with the cucumber and daikon pickle. Next, make a nest with the dried daikon and garlic crisps.

Place the egg on top and scatter over the honey & crispy rice and flowers. Serve immediately.

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